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Inspiration from nature


Nature is full of layers and details

As an industrial designer, I'm always looking for inspiration.

Lately I've been getting lot's of inspiration from natural objects.

Put a natural object next to an artificial one, you will instantly notice the difference: the natural object is full of details and layers, when you look closely you can see through the layers and observe more details.

The depth of the detail is only determined by the sharpness of our eyes, because the details go deep and forever.


Layers and details in man made design

The influence of nature is well seen, in my opinion, at many industries. At the footwear industry, various types of materials are used in order to give softness at some areas and strength at others, textiles with strong textures are also used in order to give the shoe a technical appeal.

Fashion apparel make the use of various fabrics that together give the garment a natural, homogenic, lively look.

Interior design uses separate objects with separate materials and shapes, together they complete a set which has to be inviting and appealing.


Layers and details in accessories and backpacks

Backpack designs make use of prints, mesh and thin semi transparent textiles in order to achieve a visual depth.

Hiking bags use mesh fabrics to allow the airflow between the bag and the person using it, these mesh fabrics also give the design a complex and functional appeal.

Plenty of backpacks use foam in order to give the bag a rigid shape, Nike (top right) have chosen to include this foam in their design, make a cutted pattern on it and show it through a thin fabric.

Prada (top left), have even dared to use a market a semi transparent hand bag, it is fresh young bag that says it has nothing to hide. The combination between cheap transparent PVC and high end leather and canvas parts is unique and refreshing.



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