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Involving you at every step from market research, ideation, prototyping and testing, we take your brief and work with you to maximise your product’s success.


Correct pricing increases your product’s success

On project initiation we’ll review your brief and estimated product retail price to offer you the most suitable quality, materials and production methods to match your price range. 

Science Lab


Proven expertise in customer feedback and standards

We have vast experience passing medical product and wearable product standards.

Taking ISO standards into account is at the base of our operation



Human focused design approach

Our designers are experienced in human-centred-design, ergonomics and product design, with an in-depth knowledge of the latest materials and market trends.

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Using advanced materials and technologies

Our designers are experts in advanced material manipulation, including: Silicone, synthetic rubber, medical textiles, ISO approved plastics.



A cost-effective process

Working with us means getting involved in the design-to-manufacturing process, allowing you to make cost-effective decisions and eliminate unexpected surprises.

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Quality without compromise

Bringing your product to market without compromise. Working with our Shenzhen (China) office to ensure high quality manufacturing within a strict timeframe.

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