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Covid19 and Textiles


Masks are here to stay, and are dictating the future of fashion

Our face is the most prominent part of our body, it portrays our personality and is the first thing that is noticed about us.

During this epidemic its requested to wear a mask, so we should try to wear a mask that reflects our personality.

In these pictures we see different mask concepts.

When designing masks, we should take into account N95 standard, filtering to 95% of particles at 0.3 microns.

We use new anti-bacterial materials which embeds Zinc oxide, Bronze or Silver that bestow longer protection against germs and bacteria.


Protecting those who protect us - protection outfits for medical staff

Protection suits made from dedicated sealed textile helps protect medical staff that is exposed to the virus daily.

These garments are made from non-woven, single-use that is welded by ultrasonic welding, or glued and sealed with tape.

The suit needs to be sealed to spit particles

that may be extracted from the mouths of patients and pass EN14126 standard.

cutNsew Studio helped hospitals develop a suit that offers better protection of medical staff from infections cause when removing the suit.

The suit opens at the shoulder area and the user can remove it without touching the extremal part of the suit.

The additional photos show concept designs for protective suits.


When we cannot exercise outsize, our home becomes the gym.

When people are in confinement or in quarantine at home and still want to keep in shape, they have to make the best of their internal spaces.

cutNsew Studio developed smart and simple sports equipment that is intended for home use, doesn’t take much storage space and at a reasonable price, and can be used for a variety of exercise activities.

SUPER SET is a new project we helped with, which allows the use of furniture as training equipment gear. It is suitable for small apartments that lack storage space, or for people who want a furniture piece with a story.



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